Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome to B.A.P.'s Specialty Blade Blog!

Exciting things are on the horizon for B.A.P. Manufacturing! As a specialty blade and leading preferred partner since 1971 we have custom designed many edges over the years, but until now we have never had the forum to share such innovative stories about blades and edge manufacturing with the outside world! Now through this blog you will hear stories about specialty blades for all types of industry applications including surgical, medical, food processing, industrial, hobby, craft, graphic arts, construction, hunting, textile, film, painting, carpet, and various other industry applications in need of specialty blades.

We work closely with all our customers from design to delivery through our in-house specialty blade rapid prototyping facility in Fremont, Ohio. Together, side by side, we create innovative blades and edges designed to meet the increasing demand for high performance edges required for many industrial, medical and retail procedures and applications.

Please check back for our blog launch in July!

In the mean time, if you have a new blade design you'd like to try, want to improve the cutting performance of the blades or edges you've been using for years, or you just have questions about a specialty blade or custom made edge please contact B.A.P. Manufacturing today to learn how we can help by calling us at 419-332-5041, visiting us on the web at www.usasurgicalblades.com or emailing us at inquiries@usasurgicalblades.com ! (We also have an industrial focused website at www.bapman.com too!)